Logo concept workshop

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500 EGP

Course length

5 Hours


Shahenda Abdelrazek

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About the course

A logo is more than just an impact, it’s something that conveys what a business believes in, and if you can give your logo design ideas this sense of “meaning” you’ll be off to a flying start. The best way to achieve meaning, is to begin with some organised creative thinking.

Start by extracting concepts, ideas and keywords from the brief and clustering them into overarching themes. Map out the clichés, symbols, icons and well-established visual language for each theme. Look for crossovers, scope for development or the potential to create something distinctive in your logo design ideas. Don’t simply draw – conceptualise and design.

For instance, let’s imagine a logo for a fictional company called “Generico”. We know that Generico is a forward-thinking business brimming with super-smart people who know how to challenge conventional ideas. This company is creating powerful logistic software and makes complicated problems simple. Unfortunately, Generico has lived in the shadows for too long. The company has decided it needs to invest, take its product to market, and become a more commercial beast.

Here, you’re building a brand from scratch, rather than re-designing an existing entity. This means that you have the perfect opportunity to be creative with your design.

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